Here we are at Christmas 2015. The year in the patch has been interesting to say the least. The oil price has pretty well plummeted and the rig count has followed suit.

Like most companies we have had some ups and downs this year and look smaller now than we did in January. We've adapted and changed to meet with the times.

The bright spots are there, though, and we continue to be optimistic about the future. Our core remains strong.

We began a new venture recently, Nova Trucking. Ken went back to his roots a little and we now offer all types of oil industry liquids hauling. We can move water, transport OBM and WBM, get plugging and completion mud to location and do infield transfers.

Our other entities such as Drilling Fluids, Hardbanding/Inspection and Sand continue to offer our customers the best in products and services. We may be smaller but we haven't skimped on anything and we are striving to remain the go to for our customers.

We do not know what the future holds for the oil industry, but you can rest assured we will be at the forefront of drilling in the Permian Basin.

We want to wish all of you the Merriest of Christmas's and a very Happy New Year. Thanks for all of your support.

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