The 3rd Quarter is off and running and it looks like things are still iffy as to when and what a recovery will look like. The bright spot is that the rig count, at least in the Permian, is heading upward a little and there seems to more positive talk about the future.

Nova Trucking, LLC has added some more trucks and the hauling has been fairly busy.  We have stayed busy hauling water, plugging and workover mud, flowback water, frac pond hauling and OBM for our customers adding another layer of service to our customers.

Nova Hardbanding/Inspection new services had been well received. The CNC is doing all types machine work such as recut and reface tool joints, machine lathe, add new tool joints, and we can create custom connections.

The Sand department is going strong. Transportation, storage, hauling and selling of sand have remained steady due to wells being completed as production falls for most operators.

Like most service companies we have had to make some adjustments but we continue to maintain our workforce and equipment to fulfil the needs of our customers.

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