Here we go into the second quarter of 2016. Oil prices have recovered somewhat and the speculation is all over the place of where it will head next. The chaos has settled down a bit but the sting of what an oil industry recession looks like has hit home to most of us and uncertainty is still king.

Nova has been affected just like most companies but there are good things on the horizon and some good news to share.

We have been able to get Nova Trucking, LLC up and running and actually hired a few people for that. We have been busy hauling water, plugging and workover mud and OBM for our customers adding another layer of service to our customers.

Nova Mud, Inc. can now announce that we have added an Oil Mud Mixing facility at our Hobbs plant. With storage of CaCl2 water and 4,000 bbl of OBM we can better service our OBM customers. Along with the trucking company, we can get our OBM to you cheaper and faster.

We have new services at Nova Hardbanding/Inspection as well. With the installation of our new CNC we can do all types machine work such as recut and reface tool joints, machine lathe, add new tool joints, and we can create custom connections.

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